Interview with Stéphane Casimir, International Commercial Director at TC Group Solutions


Tc Group is reinforcing the international department to take a new step towards expansion, and the company hires Stéphane Casimir as the International Commercial Direction. The department responsible for the International Development of TC Group was created in June 2015 and in just two years it gathered a team of 12 people who offer service to more than 40 countries on four continents.

Explain your experience and your path in the e-commerce segment and what brings you into the offline retail business?

After an experience as e-pricing consultant in France, Benelux and the UK, the brick-and-mortar retail sector was a field that attracted my attention very much. In e-commerce, the products’ price is one of the most important strategic factors. While in the offline retail, there are many more elements that need to be considered such as the emotional income of the shopping experience.

What similarities would you underline talking about online and offline retailing?

The only thing that changes is the medium, the tools with which these two different types of business are developed. Similarly, as they are two distinct worlds they offer individual opportunities to retailers. As a matter of fact, it has been demonstrated that a touchpoint is not the competitor of the other, instead the brands increase their chances to success by opening new touchpoints to reach larger target audiences. In addition, there is a parallel between the offline metrics and the web analysis used by businesses.

What attracts you the most about the products and services of TC Group?

TC Group is a company able to collect, store, process and analyze data collected through pedestrian traffic count in front or inside the business establishment. This process of data gathering allows accessing the main KPIs of a point of sale. KPIs are the strategic indicator that permits to make decisions on objective and accurate data in order to increase their sales volume.

In addition, TC Group offers proactive maintenance of its systems, and it makes the difference between its competitors.

You have arrived at TC Group to join the International Development, for where do you start?

The international goal is to strengthen our position In the French, Italian and Colombian markets. Moreover, there are new opportunities in the north of Europe. We are focusing on countries such as Germany, England and the Scandinavian countries.

The French and Italian markets were the first international challenges. Can you explain the current position of TC Group in these two markets?

Today in France we have an interesting market share that allows us to continue to grow and expand to cope with local competitors. On the other hand, in Italy our presence is less incisive and for this reason we are facing with strong competitors which prevent or fast growth in the market. Although, in Italy we have had many opportunities and we will continue to exploit them while looking for new ones.

In both countries, TC Group has established two teams of competent workers who work on daily basis with the main office in Barcelona.

Finally, do you have any idea about how the physical retail market will evolve over the next few years?

The brick-and-mortar commerce won’t disappear. Companies which are operating online will open offline point of sales and vice versa. A clear example is Amazon that has opened 17 physical stores in the United States.
Brands will be more and more present in all different sales channels. Among them the physical retail will continue to be the most important where consumers can experience the products before buying them and where visitors can immerse them in an unique shopping experience that can be only met in physical form.

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