Interview with Tangui Dirou, TC Group Solutions’ new Business Developer

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To follow with its internalization strategy, TC Group Solutions is more than happy to introduce a new member of the family: Tangui Dirou it’s the new business developer for the French market.

Tangui began his career in the sector of human resources consultancy, and shortly after he preferred to become a sales representative by joining Michael Page Group, first in Paris and then in Santiago del Chile. Later, he continued to work as a Business Developer for a CRM company.

In this interview, Tangui tells us about the importance of data analysis in retail, which is essential for facing the many challenges of this sector.

First, the product that TC Group Solutions develops is really interesting in this rapidly evolving retail market, where data collection and analysis are essential to improve the results of any point of sale. Then, the company’s position as a market leader strongly motivated my final decision.

  • In your opinion, what are the main challenges the retail sector will face in the coming years?

In France, retail must transform itself in order to evolve. Shop owners must understand and take advantages of the metamorphosis of consumer habits: as never before, the analysis of data collected from customer interactions with the store has become essential to understand and anticipate these changes.

In fact, to improve the performance of a store, it is necessary to rely on the information collected on consumer behavior and apply corrective actions that, regardless of whether they have a commercial or marketing oriented, can respond to the challenges of modern commerce.

  • Can the digitization of stores help improve profitability?

Beyond the analysis of KPIs such as, for example, the attraction or conversion rate, store’s digital transformation allows a company to centralize all information, study it and compare profitability and performance of different points of sale.

The real-time transmission of information allows retailers to have more control over the effectiveness of the decisions taken by company managers.

  • In your opinion, how important is data analysis in physical retail?

The results in real time of the performance indexes allow us not only to analyze the result of the commercial actions in sales (promotions, campaigns, etc.), but also to plan future events/campaign for better results.

The speed of the current transmission of information optimizes the management of the points of sales and, consequently, increases sales.

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