Interview to Edward Ortiz, Country Manager of TC Group Solutions in Colombia

Colombia is one of the other market in which TC Group Solutions entered. This was made possible through the creation of a join-venture with Viatek, the technology company, dedicated to innovative retail solutions. The new company is called Data Retail and it is directed by Edward Ortiz, Country Manager of TC Group Solutions in Colombia. This month we interviewed Edward who opens the doors of Data Retail and who told us about his future’s plans and objectives for this new professional step.

  1. What is Data Retail and what is its relationship with TC Group Solutions and Viatek?

At Data Retail we are dedicated to bring marketing smart solutions to point of sales and commercial centers. We design and configure solutions and measurements useful to increase profitability, commercial efficiency and customer service, together with creating new memorable shopping experiences. The company was born from the combination of two big groups Viatek and TC Group Solutions, bringing more than 20 years of experiences and strong relationships with the Latin-Americans clients.

  1. What kinds of Retail solutions proposes Data Retail?

The companies which need to know what is happening within the point of sale, to know the behaviors of their customers and find efficient ways to increase profitability, the business efficiency and the clients’ service and at the same time identify new business opportunities. In order to help companies in this challenge, DATA RETAIL brings to Colombia an integral offer of Retail Intelligence® solutions adaptable to each clients’ measurements. Among them it is possible to find: Shopper, Marketing, Olfactory Marketing, Audio Marketing, Digital Signage and Market Investigation.

  1. What are the opportunities present in the Colombian market for these kinds of solutions?

The smart marketing solutions are designed to explore the consumers’ behaviors within the market allowing the usage of better systems which generates faster and more precise results with a lower cost. In Colombia we find really appealing the retail sector and the shopping centers industry that occupies an important segment of the economic activities of the country; this sector is sufficiently competitive therefore, it is relevant having innovative solutions in order to be challenging in the market.

  1. What are the principal challenges for Data Retail in Colombia?

The principal difficulty, as for every company entering a new market, is acquiring a position and maintains it. We face the challenge thanks to our integral portfolio, designed to satisfy our clients’ needs e become their strategic alliances in order to obtain the results that our customers pretend. On the other hand, we find out that there is certain ignorance about these solutions and the great benefits that they bring to the organizations and the potential growth. Therefore, our initial strategy is arriving to the client with clear, trustable, direct and real information about these solutions.

  1. What are the future plans of Data Retail?

We go there to stay, therefore our future’s plan is establish ourselves and growth within the Colombian market. At the same time, our vision is oriented to make us the number one alliance of the companies which are looking for better results and trust the compromise of creating unique selling experiences for consumers.

  1. This month, Data Retail presents for the first time to a specialized trade fair of shopping centers and real estates, tell us more about this participation of Data Retail. What are you expecting to meet in this fair and what products are you going to showcase?

Convención Nacional de Centros Comerciales” proposes an innovative program to stimulate participants towards new ways of facing entrepreneurial challenges present in the retail sector and to enlarge the knowledge regarding the systems that allows the innovations of the companies which form part of this sector.

The 90% of the visitors are directors, managers, presidents and marketing head chief, business owners and sellers of shopping centers among the country. In addition other important professional figures of the sector are taking part to this fair among them directors of food chains, constructors and investors.

This year we participate as exhibitors in order to increase our visibility make us known among the important market niche of the shopping centers. At this fair, our aim is to meet new commercial opportunities, create networking and undertake benchmark studies. It is a fair of excellent tradition and credibility in the sector.

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