Interview to Enrico Dellú, Venticento’s CEO


For the Newsletter of March we interviewed Enrico Dellú, CEO of Venticento the partner company of TC Group Solutions in the opening of the new branch in Milan, T-Cuento Italia.

  1. What is the reason behind the decision of TC Group Solutions of opening a new Italian branch?

First of all, TC Group Solutions is deploying an expansion and internalization strategy. For this reason, after the entry in the French and Colombian market, they decided to start their business also in Italy due to the reason that the retail technologies market is not saturated but on the contrary it needs innovation. Moreover, the Italian retail sector is well known for the presence of big payers in the fashion world, area in which TC Group Solutions largely operates.

  1. What are the opportunities that the Italian market can offer to this type of activity?

If look at the fashion market, Italy and precisely Milan, is one of the most active areas. In fact, the presence of big important players can offer the possibility to growth because brands such as Armani, Stefanel and Benetton firstly take advantages from the solutions provided by TC Group and later they are going to spread these among the worldwide point of sales. Therefore, the company will achieve a further market expansion. In addition, it is important to known that the Italian retail technology industry needs improvements and innovations and companies are looking for more advance and precise counter systems.

  1. Can you describe the core business of the company?

Venticento Srl offers services to the midsize business. It proposes itself as only interlocutor between the complex IT infrastructures provided and the clients with a particular attention to the privacy and the security of data.

  1. Why is the alliance with TC Group Solutions and important turning point?

This collaboration is important because TC Group Solutions is able to develop advanced technologies which are extremely innovative in the Italian market. Moreover, TC Group Solutions offers a complete service regarding the management of BIG DATA, an interesting implication for the current clients as well as a possibility to conquered new ones.

  1. According to his experience, which are the most advanced innovation that TC Group Solution can bring to Italy? And how can the Italian retailers take advantage form them?

The punctuality and precision of the counter systems together with the face recognition module because it allows to have a conversion rate about how many people which stops in front of the window-shop then enter the point of sale.

  1. What are the biggest challenges that TC Group Solutions have to face in entering the Italian market?

The most challenging obstacle is arrive to the companies which already have a certain kind of rudimental people counting system that are not up to date with e latest features and innovations of the current systems. The directors of this companies feel that they need a rivolutionary change and big expenditures in terms of money, human resources and technologies, in order to renovate these systems. Therefore, they prefer persist with less precise and competitive solutions. Our aim now is to show them that this conversion is not so expensive as they belive and it also apports valuable benefits and monetary returns.

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