Interview to Klaus Hofmeir and Mandy Bruls, DACH cannel manager and EMEA marketing director of Scala!

This month we interview Scala! the company specialized in smart digital signage. With a portfolio of more than 500,000 digital screen distributed all over the world, Scala! is known for its capacity of innovate and optimize technologies such as the analysis through mobile devices used within the point of sale. Last week, Scala! exhibited its solutions at EuroCIS in one of the most attracting stand of the whole fair. In fact, Scala! offers the possibility of experimenting its technologies through a circuit composed by 4 of them finalized to better the profitability of the shop. This circuit consists in a set-up in which the visitor becomes consumer who enters the shop and discovers Scala!‘s solutions. The tour ends in a fifth station where are showed the clients’ profile and behaviors of the ones that have interact with the different steps in the circuit. We interview Klaus Hofmeier (DACH channel manager) and Mandy Bruls (EMEA marketing coordinator).

For what reasons do you expose at EuroCIS?

It has been several years that we come to EuroCIS because it is the only fair that cover the entire retail sector in which we are due to reason that our technological solutions are entirely dedicated to be used in the point of sale. At EuroCIS we have the occasion to meet all the potential clients face to face and present to them our solutions.

How is the new edition of EuroCIS going?

This was a really successful edition. We ideated a really attractive stand which brought a lot of people and among them several retailers. We were busy for the whole three days.

Which is the principal novelty that you present in the stand?

On one side there is we have the consumer analysis, of the person that enters the shop and interacts with our technologies. Thanks to this we can understand the consumer and know how he/she behaves within the shop day by day and therefore, we are allowed to personalize and adjust our offers to their wishes. We are able to give the consumer what he wants, when he wants, exactly where he is.

Nowadays, consumers look for experience in the shop and retailers look for solutions in order to obtain client‘s loyalty. Our solutions are designed to satisfy both the necessity.

On the other hand, our principal challenge is the fact that today consumers are online, offline, at the mobile, on social networks. Nevertheless, our solutions are able to cover all this channels.

What is your next objective?

Come back to our office, process al the leads obtained and assure that the whole word has everything it needs.

Now, let’s focus on your circuit composed by technological solutions for the point of sale.

“Imagine that the consumer is walking around the shop and suddenly he gets lost, this can happen in the big commercial sites. He is totally lost and he cannot find the right sector to purchase the product he needs and unconsciously he starts to hate the brand. Before that everything happens, we create this button with which the consumer, lost in the shop, can interact and immediately a member of the staff comes to help him.”

“With this application, the consumer entering the shop can place his order or request without creating a line or cuing for it. In addition, the application has also an entertaining side, it allows to sympathize with the consumer through customized games.

It is possible to see how the consumer connects to the server from which he can see the map of the shop and where the majority of the people are located. The seller capture that one of the person in the store is using the brand’s app and that he is creating a personal profile. The seller locates him and goes to this person. He see the type of product the consumer is purchasing and therefore he offers him another item with similar features. In addition, he shows the possible similar products through a digital display exposed in the store.

In conclusion, this display reports useful complementary information on the product and the promotions connected to it, all this award the consumers with a new, memorable and unforgettable purchase experience.

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