Interview with Marta Martinez, CEO and founder of Ontop

This past April the second edition of Fashion Intelligence, an event that aims to raise awareness of new technological solutions for the retail was held in Barcelona. Ontop was one of the companies that made ​​a presentation to discuss the experiential marketing. In this interview, general director Marta Martinez, talks about the role of technology in the retail world .

1 – Could you introduce Ontop three lines ?

Ontop was born with the intention of creating a store concept and brand of clothing that grows around heads. A message of positivity and vitality to the market launch , encouraging people to wear something different that will make you feel very special.

These excites the customer with original products and a very careful attention.

2 – Ontop attended the Fashion Intelligence, what role do you think the technology has in the present and future of retail?

The technology is already part of the retail and any sector. All fields must be updated and adapted to the new forms of communication.

“Renew or die.” I think this expression defines exactly what is happening and will happen in the sector. If the forms of communication change , so must the way we communicate with the customer. If we do not, we lose contact with it .

3 – Presented a paper on experiential marketing , what could he say about it?

As I mentioned in the previous question, experiential marketing is nothing more than the realization of new ways to communicate with customers. The use of screens , music or corporate scents bring us to the public and reinforce our brand identity .

4 – What technologies does Ontop use today?

In Ontop we use media technologies such as LED screens and music. The contents are very careful to get a sound transmitting and accurate picture .

5 – How do yout think the future of retail will be?

The future of retail is moving towards the implementation of new technologies .

We must be observing what happens in the street, all around us, to be able to apply it in our stores. We move forward hand to hand with new forms of communication using new technologies.

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