Interview with Ricardo Vázquez, stores coordinator at El Ganso

El Ganso is one of the examples of a Spanish fashion brand conquering the world. Founded ten years ago, today the company has 42 stores all over, 130 multi-brand outlets and presence in France, England, Portugal and Chile. Certainly, every year flies further. In this interview, Ricardo Vazquez, coordinator of shops, explains its internationalization process among other things.

1- Could you introduce El Ganso?

El Ganso is a Spanish company with a brief history in the industry (only 10 years of experience), but with very clear ideas and always faithful to our values: Humility to learn from mistakes and continue with more strength, flexibility to adapt to any unexpected thing may arise and adapting to each situation. A clear example is our commitment to the Made in Europe. Having 100% of production in Europe and the textile in Portugal gives us that much needed agility. Finally and most importantly the illusion of each member that is part of this great little family to strengthen the wings and fly higher every day.

2 – With a presence in several countries such as Chile, Portugal, UK, Italy, Mexico, or Germany, it appears that El Ganso flies farther and farther from home. How has the process of internationalization taken place?

The idea was to leave Spain following the steps that made us strong here, with the same enthusiasm to make things right and challenge our way into new markets. The beginnings were not easy but today we have 4 outlets in Paris, 3 in London, 3 in Portugal, Germany, Holland, Italy, Chile and Mexico. New markets increasingly better and welcome us feed our desire to continue growing.

3- Internationalization has been one of the consequences of the crisis?

Due to the youth of the brand, as we mentioned before, we have grown and we have settled on a not easy economic situation, but we can extrapolate the values ​​that identify us to understand how we have been able to get into more and more people’s closets. With a quality-price relation hard to beat, we knew that our by adjusting the maximum we could margins to adapt to the particularities of each market we could also win by extension the pockets of our customers.

Flying outside our borders was not a consequence of the crisis, rather our desire to fly and an increasing demand of our products in their countries.

4 – What have you learned from the adventure in international markets? Is very different the world of retail in each country?

It is a continuous learning process, everyday. Trade customs are very different, both in times and style of dress. Having man, woman and child collections opens a very wide range of possibilities that help us adapt to the particularities of each country not only, but of every city fan.

5-How do you imagine the future of retail?

I see a sector where new technologies will clearly influence the habits of consumers. The potential of online commerce is really big and will improve a lot more in the future. This coupled with our commitment to the internationalization of the brand motivates us to continue beating wings, but never losing the soul and values ​​that characterize us.

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