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The key of success is “smart”: here’s the proof!


The retail world is changing very fast, and technology is the heart of this change. To cope with online competition, retailers need to change their usual habits and rely on technologies that can analyze data with certain parameters, able to change the fate of an entire company.

Nowadays, it is essential to know exactly what happens in stores at any time, for different reasons: identifying new business opportunities, knowing the consumers behaviour, developing effective strategies to increase profitability, commercial efficiency and customer’s service.

As we wrote in the previous article, looking for the right KPI is not a simple action: we are not talking of a collection of millions of useless “datas”, but of an action aimed at analyzing “smart datas“: a kind of parameters that are really useful for improving the performance of a store.

Since 2007, TC Group Solutions is committed every day to improve the services offered to its customers, with a complete spectrum of solutions for Retail Intelligence and for Big Data analysis.

To keep under control all these important KPIs, wich are extracted from different technologies (outdoor people counter, In&Out sensors, bio-metrics tools, Wi-Fi receivers, beacon etc. …), TC Group ITs have elaborated a Big Data analysis software, called TC Analytics. This software is able to analyze these data and cross them with the variables of each store (tickets, number of staff members, sales, promotions, stocks, strategies…), and create new parameters to improve profitability.

It is a complete dash board, which make possible to compare the current situation of several stores at the same time, and compare all the possible parameters regarding these stores, such as external pedestrian flow, customers who enter or leave the store, how much time they’ve spent inside the shop, heat maps, identify customers who repeat their visit through Wi-Fi receiver, segmentation, loyalty, customer satisfaction and store capacity.

Moreover, this software is in constant evolution and always updated, to offer more opportunities for retailers to improve their business.

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