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Loyalty: improve the relationship between stores’ staff and clients

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An unsatisfied in-store experience for a client is a real defeat for every business: in fact, despite the online commerce is going very well, the majority of customers continue to prefer the in-store experience and human contact to bots.

In the purchase process, the interaction with the store staff is the basis for a satisfying experience, especially if we want to create a brand with relevance (that generates emotions, memories and so on…in a nutshell, insight) and increase sales and final turnover.

In fact, transmitting certain values ​​to its customers is inversely proportional to the level of affection they feel for the brand: emotions play a fundamental role in the final purchase decision.

Obviously, not all companies are the same, and interact with customers in different forms, depending on the type of business. The majority of retailers have invested high numbers to transform their stores into containers of avant-garde experiences and emotions, forgetting, at times, the most precious asset of the whole business: the employees.

What to offer different to customers?

From the point of view of the in-store staff, taking care of their staff allows you to literally have precious information at your fingertips to offer extremely personalized sales advice, such as:

  • The history of purchases
  • Preferred channels to buy
  • What are the main online activities (abandoned carts, social interactions) and offline (even in different sales points)
  • Trends

Plus, all operations are simplified, such as picking in store orders (click & collect), personalized delivery and payments.

Clienteling and loyalty

Knowing customers‘ tastes and habits is one of the few ways to retain loyalty. Furthermore, integrating all the channels (digital and offline) available to the public to interact with the brand is very important.

For this reason, it is essential to collect data, both on the performance of individual sales channels and on customer activities, in order to plan highly personalized marketing strategies, with promotional campaigns and tailored loyalty based on demographic and performance data.

The positive impact is twofold: the customer, feeling at the center of the strategy, will live a better shopping experience; it will tend to buy more, spend more, with the retailer that focuses on business objectives, increases turnover and further fosters its audience.

Knowledge is power

It is also essential that retailers provide for proper training for what concerns catalog products, digital tools and technologies of the store. You have to transform your entire staff in brand’s ambassadors.

The staff will be able to give their best, not only improving the level of service offered to the public, but also the sales techniques. Knowledge is power: by nurturing trust and sense of belonging in our staff, involving them in decisions and motivating their work will make it possible to achieve the perfect in-store experience.

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