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How to measure in-store customer turnout?


Measuring pedestrian traffic within stores allows you to learn more about customer behavior. Just like online stores, it is possible to measure pedestrian traffic inside physical stores thanks to Retail Intelligence technologies.

The mad rush to digitize points of sale has led retailers to make their strategic decisions not only on the basis of personal criteria, but also on the information provided by consumers themselves, and gathered thanks to tools that help them discover what in-store actions they generate greater benefits.

In this way, measuring the data collected in a physical store becomes possible thanks to a pedestrian flow counting system, which allows knowing the behavior of consumers and obtaining relevant indicators.

  • People counting systems

In the same way that Google Analytics is used to decipher which are the most productive areas of an e-commerce and to study consumer behavior online, people counting systems allow us to obtain the same data, but in a physical store.

Using a counting system brings a lot of information: it’s not just about the number of customers entering or leaving a store, but about performance indicators (KPIs) to measure every area of ​​the store. These technologies allow:

  • Quantify the number of potential customers passing in front of shop windows
  • Know the number of visitors within the store
  • Find out where they are moving
  • Manage customer waiting times
  • Find out how often visitors repeat
  • Know the exact number of customers leaving without buying anything

Thanks to the information provided by the analysis of the data collected in the stores, retailers can adapt, customize and implement their business strategy to increase their effectiveness.

  • People counter for shops

How do people counting systems work? How is data collected and analyzed? In order to know how many people enter or exit a store and measure all the indicators mentioned above, systems are used that record customer visits. They are very discreet apparatuses, which are installed inside a sales point.

The installation of one or more counting sensors at the entrance of a store allows the collection of a lot of information, which is then analyzed and collected within a management platform, to be able to access it in real time and from anywhere, and be able to apply the necessary improvements.

Depending on the type of technology you use, the quality of the data and the margin of error can vary. TC Group Solutions provides retailers with everything they need to access this data: TC Analytics is a complete and easy to use platform, thanks to which it is possible to consult all the information collected in the store in real time.

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