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Mixing physical with digital: phygital


We live in an increasingly connected world. Consumers face two types of realities: on the one hand, the physical world, where it interacts directly with the environment, we walk along a street, we go to a shopping centre, and we look at the shop windows and ask for the opinion of a product or service to friends and family.

On the other hand, we live connected to the internet, we use our mobile phones and computers every day, we enter social networks, visit websites and check the opinions and scores of other customers before making any purchase.

Therefore, this interaction with the “physical” and “digital” world at the same time is what has generated a term associated with the retail sector for this concept: the phygital experience.

This happens between users, but this connection is also made between companies and brands, placing omnichannel at the center of this process.

What’s phygital?

As we have commented, the phygital is the union of the physical and digital words and represents the union of the processes of physical and digital commerce. Although the use of online shopping has gained importance in recent years, the interaction and demand of physical stores is still a very important factor (and will continue to be), as while an ecommerce offers agility and immediacy in the purchase, shopping experience and loyalty are the strongest points of physical commerce compared to ecommerce.

This tendency to integrate the different sales channels to be always present for potential customers has a positive impact on our sales, making the shopping experience smooth and satisfactory. Currently, and especially among younger generations, consumers are betting simultaneously on physical and digital commerce.

Whether to do webrooming or showroming, users like to be able to compare information, and buy freely wherever and whenever they want. In this way, the phygital consists of integrating the best of the physical world and the digital world, in order to create an ecosystem of dynamic communication and much closer relationship with the client.

Mixing digital and physical commerce

Brands increasingly use tools to improve shopping experience and provide solutions to the new demands of customers. The use of virtual reality, as well as the new forms that exist to interact with technology, allow all these tools to be integrated in physical stores.

Touch screens and virtual mirrors, QR codes, as well as other technologies that allow the customer to interact with their environment, are examples of the synergies that digital tools can generate. Taking advantage of all this is part of generating a phygital experience, giving customers more interaction capacity and improving, as we have said before, their shopping experience and loyalty.

The phygital experience brings together the best of the online and offline world. Its objective is to be able to communicate with consumers in a new and personalized way.

At TC Group Solutions, as experts in Retail Intelligence, we use tools to optimize the results of physical stores by measuring the results of the actions implemented.

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