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A new Moleskine store in Rome


May 6th Moleskine opened a new store in Rome, in via della Maddalena. The new point of sale is the fifth flagship that the brand opens in the capital. The others are positioned in strategic locations such as the Fiumicino airport, Termini station and via della Frattina in the historic center.

The opening of the new Moleskine store was celebrated with a live performance. Between 1:00 and 7:00 pm on Saturday afternoon, the visitors within the new store could witness the spectacular 3D reproduction of the Pantheon, which layer after layer, was built in every minimal detail. In addition, throughout the day, two artists have personalized the cahier covers of the various Moleskine products using the antique technique of serigraphy.

The Italian brand has now acquired an international reputation. It is based on values such as the transmission of culture, travel, memory, imagination and personal identity. Nowadays, it is present in more than 30 international metropolises including Hong Kong, Paris, New York, London, Berlin and San Francisco. Here and elsewhere, the brand established its 78 flagship stores, which often and willingly are not solely dedicated to the sale of the product.

In fact, Moleskine stores are based on the concept of experience. In addition to offering a wide range of products, most of the retails have to be experienced by the visitor who enters looking for something that enriches his personality. In many stores, temporary exhibitions or workshops are organized, while others are real bars and meeting points for chatting in front of a cafe or working quietly with a cup of tea.

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