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New professional roles in retail


The spotlight is on the young professionals of the retail world, above all thanks to the enormous changes that the sector has been facing for a couple of years now.

The introduction of new technologies has revolutionized the way we conceive retail and, consequently, even the figures of professionals in the sector are changing, evolving. Companies are in a change’ phases, and are looking for new figures with a background able to understand and realize the omnichannel dream.

Nowadays, staff in retail is made up of completely new professionals, who did not even exist until 5 years ago. Today, fashion companies recruit highly skilled people in online sales, social media, data and analytics, in an attempt to keep up with changes in customer behavior and expectations.

  • Which are the new indispensable roles in the retail sector? Which are the most sought-after qualities and skills to work in the retail world?

Many aspects of a company, from distribution to warehouse logistics, will profoundly change in the coming years. Most labor-intensive processes will be automated by robots, while everything else will be linked to data analysis, trends and marketing.

Analysis will become the fulcrum of everything: figures like scientists and mathematicians will return to the limelight because the algorithms will be the basis and the starting point for any strategic operation. Among the new figures we will also find experts in transformation and strategies, able to understand what the customers’ needs will be and to apply the results of these analyses in a fruitful way.

In this regard, another very important figure will be the Chief Customer Office, able to make the border between online and offline more and more thin, through targeted strategies. They will be figures with a digital background, which will take care of marketing strategies starting from the needs of the customers.

The approach to the customer will be personalized, so the store staff will have to be 3.0: the staff must know in advance the wishes of the customer, and this will be possible only thanks to a particular attention, a lot of listening and a particular sensitivity.

In fact, the role of the store staff will change drastically as expenses continue to migrate online. There will no longer be sales people, but specialized personnel for each customer: they will have their business cards and will create their own network of contacts, reach their customers via social media and send personal recommendations to them.

In the end, the roles of the future will be even more focused on the customer and will be informed by the data collected on customers: stores will always remain an important part of the retail offer, but the staff will have to offer a more interactive and informative experience to survive the revolution technology.

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