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How to offer a unique customer experience?


The experience of the customer in store is composed by a series of factors, which generate customer satisfaction, which is therefore encouraged an adequate environment for the purchase.

This can happen thanks to a particular personal treatment, to particular initiatives, through the atmosphere of the store (music, colors, perfume, etc.), up to the layout of the store. Customers who are impressed or somehow satisfied with the experience, tends to buy more. Therefore, providing a satisfying experience should be a priority for every retailer.

Customers who have a positive experience in the store, tends to buy more. Therefore, providing a satisfying experience should be a priority for retailers.

To control this process it is necessary to have a system capable of resolving any incidents and then solving it in time


• Is your store ready and capable to offer a great shopping experience?

Making a potential customer feel a great experience is almost always an aspect linked to the layout of the store. Are marketing campaigns properly visible? Are there problems in the store that require maintenance? Is there consistency in the prices and quantities of stock in the online store and the offline store?

The different points of sale of a brand must conform to the established image and standards: imagine a chain of stores where the prices inside are different from those displayed in the window.

  • How to check if the stores are working properly?

A bad store organization affects the shopping experience and therefore has an impact on the brand image, customer loyalty and results.

TC Check is an innovative application that allows each retailer to centralize the entire process. It allows to manage the communication between employees and managers through customizable and adaptable audits.

All operational processes are managed in a single application: from the sending of alerts, the response with instructions and the exchange of photos and comments. Shop managers and employees can easily manage all the store’s operations from a computer, tablet or phone.

Check if the general status of your store is in order, if the promotions are correctly visible, if there is enough stock in the shop, if the shelves are in order … and much more. All this, with a simple check.

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