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Omnichannel approach: advantages and risks


What are the main opportunities and risks of omni-channel, in the age where digital consumers are increasingly interacting with brands and companies?

The advantages of an omnichannel approach for companies are

  • Define the demographic, psychographic and behavioral profile of the client, with consequent improvement in targeting
  • Eliminate temporal and geographical barriers: it is possible to operate anytime and everywhere
  • Create a deeper relationship with consumers
  • Sell more and better

The main risks are:

  • Higher expectations: customers expect to receive the same treatment in terms of attention and caring in all channels. If these are not managed according to a shared and cohesive corporate vision, there is the risk of incidents that could seriously compromise the company‘s credibility, and causing a feeling of disappointment.
  • Lack of trust by company employees and shop’s staff
  • Inability to invest in communication or internal training by companies
  • The use of technology allows a significant reduction of costs, but initially involves a significant investment.

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