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What is the Pedestrian Traffic and CPC Report?

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In retail, data has reduced uncertainty in decisions thanks to specific information, which allows better decisions based on the same data and their evolution. The use of tools to measure and optimize points of sale is increasingly common, which allows any company to take advantage of it, regardless of the sector.

In the physical world, the number of pedestrians passing in front of a commercial structure represents the “impressions” of the online world and are, therefore, ultimately, potential customers.

Therefore, the pedestrian traffic of a road is a decisive factor to ascertain the number of “impressions” that will have the windows and the number of potential visits to the store. Furthermore, the rental price of commercial premises tends to be higher in the busiest streets: therefore the pedestrian flow has a direct relationship on the profitability of a commercial rent.

  • Which are the European cities with the greatest potential for retail sales?

As part of a retail company’s expansion plan, choosing the city in which to open new stores will be critical to its success. An in-depth analysis of the various cities of destination is essential for making the best decision and obtaining the best performance.

In the Report on Pedestrian Traffic and CPC, pedestrian traffic and the cost per potential customer of the main European commercial roads were studied. This study details millions of data daily obtained in 7 countries: Spain, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Holland, Portugal and Belgium.

  • What data can we actually find in the report?
  • Data on pedestrian traffic on the main European commercial roads
  • Data of interest on the commercial activity in each city
  • Cost per Potential Customer of 100 European commercial roads
  • In-depth analysis of each commercial core

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