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People counters are the best allies of a physical store

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Counting people in physical stores allows you to analyze customer behavior within the point of sale: in the same way that we are able to study the traffic of a web page, even pedestrian traffic in commercial establishments is measurable.

The digitalization and professionalization of retail have led retailers to adapt their decisions not only in accordance with personal criteria, but also to information obtained from consumers, thanks to tools to know which actions generate greater performance.

Pedestrian traffic counting systems

In the same way that Google Analytics is used to detect which areas work best in an e-commerce and to study the behavior of its consumers, person counting systems can detect the same identical data in a physical store.

Using a counting system, it is not only possible to find out whom enters and who leaves the store. There are indicators to measure every area of ​​the company: among the many, the operation of the shop windows, the effectiveness of the store’s personnel or checking the path of the customer in the store. People counting systems also allow to:

  • Quantify the number of potential customers passing in front of the window
  • Know how many visitors enter the points of sale.
  • Manage customer waiting times.
  • Find out how often customers repeat.
  • Count how many people have left without buying anything.

All this information allows retailers to improve their business performance, and the results of their store in general.

How do people counting systems work? How is this data collected and processed?

To know how many people enter or leave a store and measure all the indicators mentioned above, meters are used, just like on a web page. These devices are usually placed inside the store and are very discreet.

The installation of one or more counting sensors on the doors of the store is what allows you to get all the data, which is then collected and processed to provide the retailer with a final, comprehensive report. The ideal is to cross all this information with other data coming from the point of sale, in order to detect which are the strengths and which are the weak points of our store.

There are different technologies to measure data: depending on the type of technology used, the quality of the data and the margin of error can vary.

From TC Group Solutions, we provide retailers with the physical technology and an integrated control panel from where the data processed by the counting systems present in physical stores are displayed; allowing all the information to be displayed on a single platform using tables and graphs:

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