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Pikolinos chooses Germany to focuses on retail


Spanish footwear’s company Pikolinos, has chosen Germany for the opening of its next store. This is not a random choice: in fact, the German country represents the fourth most important market for the company in terms of sales.

The company’s first commercial establishment will open in one of the most important commercial areas of Berlin, the Kurfürstendamm, and will have a total premises 50 m² area.

Pikolinos, founded in 1984 and property of the Perán family, has always had as its main objective the creation of an original product of quality and design. From the beginning, the company has tried to combine these three characteristics with the use of technology, and guarantee consumers only high quality footwear.

After opening several stores in Italy, Belgium, France and the United States, Pikolinos continues its expansion plan started about three years ago. Despite this, the group claims not to be following a real strategy, but to be testing the market looking for opportunities in the real estate sector.

Currently, Pikolinos is present in around 60 countries, with more than 20 stores and 8,000 outlets worldwide.

Pikolinos uses the TC Group Solutions‘ retail intelligence technologies to optimize the profitability of its stores.

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