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How to prepare your store for Black Friday?


Black Friday has become one of the most popular commercial events worldwide. The official day of Black Friday 2018 is Friday, November 23, although many companies perform many flash discounts throughout the all week.

During these days, and mainly on Black Friday, people go to physical stores looking for discounts. On Black Friday 2017 we already saw how pedestrian traffic increased, so this will imply a greater influx of people inside the stores, and therefore the opportunity to make more sales, as long as the points of sale are prepared for this increase in the visits.

Although for the great distribution, Black Friday and Cyber Monday end up being very profitable days, but, many times, for the small and medium trade, it is not so profitable due to the smaller margin to make offers. Even so, there are certain guidelines that will maximize sales and obtain a greater impact in these discount days.

How to prepare your store for Black Friday?

  1. Have all the promotional material ready and prepared

Having planned in advance the campaign you want to perform is essential. To acquire a greater influx of people passing in front of your store, it is important that the windows shops are well prepared to increase the attraction rate.

To do this, use banners and graphic material to have a good visibility, both in store windows and inside.
In addition, it is important that the information is the same in the physical and online store, both at the information level and the discounts and everything is in accordance. The clarity of the message is often the most important: less is more.

  1. Rewards to recurring clients and loyalty

The Black Friday can be a very good opportunity to try to attract new customers to build loyalty, but also to recover old customers. Carrying out personalized campaigns for clients and offering a good after-sales service can be a very important differential factor. This added to a good shopping experience, will be the key to attracting customers beyond the Black Friday promotional days.

  1. Make sure your store can handle the increase in demand

These days, store management can become chaotic if it is not well organized, and if it is not ensured that everything works correctly. The increase in sales may require a larger stock of certain products.

To avoid problems, you should make a forecast of sales volume and ensure that there will be no problems at the logistics level. Can all orders be handled in a physical store? Can they in an online store? Also with Click & Collect?

If it’s well planned, it can avoid having a stock rupture for not having foreseen an increase in demand.
Also, in these days where you will receive more influx into the shop, make sure everything works properly (lighting, cash, air conditioning, etc.) and keep a certain order in the store. Customers who spend a lot of time looking for something leave the purchase process beforehand.

If you need a tool to manage everything correctly and be able to instantly report any problems in store, TC Check app is the perfect tool that will allow you to manage all incidents.

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