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How to prepare your store for winter sales


Winter sales are a very important period for every retailer or owner of a retail business. It is essential to be ready to remain competitive in sales, and to do so, retailers need to follow some guidelines to maximize sales and revenue.

With small attention it will be possible to obtain important results in these days, where the primary purpose is to dispose of most of the products of past seasons or the unsold products that remain stationary in the warehouse occupying space. For example, placing it wisely is the first step to a perfect sales strategy. The first purpose is to work on the image of your store, and make sure to enhance it as much as possible to maximize the space and make the most of the products sold.

It is also useful to divide the items on sale by price bands so that everything is simplified to those who have to choose. Make clear the concept that the time of availability of the product is limited, therefore finished the discount period, the customer can no longer find it the urgency will push him to make many more purchases.

  • Get your staff ready and prepared

In order to obtain the maximum return on sales during these occasions, retailers need to organize well in advance and effectively, but what is even more essential is to adequately train our sales staff to make them efficient. How? Everything must be arranged to help the staff deal with concrete difficulties such as optimizing the advertising image, enhancing promotions, preparing for the new set-up of the retail store and how to successfully deal with the transition period between new and past collections for be able to be adequately prepared to help customers purchase.

  • Bet on loyalty

During the sales period we must try to maintain our sales level and it does not matter if, in this way, we make less money than we would have sold all the rest of the year. This “markdown” deficit consists of a lower profit margin but allows us to empty the warehouse, to sell off goods that otherwise would remain dislocated in a corner for the next few months, and allow us to limit profit losses. Therefore, even with this effect we can consider many positive aspects; one of these, perhaps the most important, is the continuous flow in the store, giving the possibility both to create new rounds of buyers and to retain old customers.

  • Logistic and warehouse

All this assumes even more importance in the sales periods. The stocks you need for the discounts will have to be well distributed in the warehouse space so as not to create disorder with the incoming collections. To avoid waste, you must know exactly how many items are available. Prepare the goods well so that you can sell as much as possible and that you do not have to face the costs of aging due to the depreciation of goods that remain unsold in the room. If you cannot sell these products in the discounts period, it will result in additional storage costs until the next “disposal” period.

Obtaining and managing these important data is essential for success in modern retail: for this reason, TC Group has created a complete tool for every type of store. TC Analytics is an integral dashboard for the control and management of one or more stores, which allows analyzing all the criteria on customer behavior obtained from the different hardware modules installed in the stores, and comparing them with the internal variables of each store (stock, space, prices, special offers, staff and sales).

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