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Are you ready for Black Friday?


In recent years, Black Friday has become one of the most popular commercial events in the world. The official day would be November 23, but, now, many companies have adapted to the needs of consumers, and have ended up making their discounts throughout the week.

These days, especially on Fridays, shopping lovers tend to visit physical stores in search of exceptional discounts. Last Black Friday, in fact, it has been possible to notice a significant increase in pedestrian traffic, which implies a greater influx of people inside the shops, and, therefore, the opportunity to sell more goods. Eventually, only as long stores are prepared for this eventuality.

Black Week ends up being a very profitable week for large retailers, but sometimes not so profitable for small and medium-sized businesses, due to the lower margin for bidding.

Despite this, there are some guidelines that will help retailers pay more attention to maximize sales and get a greater impact these days of mega discounts.

Tips to prepare your store for Black Friday

  • Create the perfect campaign

Planning in advance the strategies to be implemented is essential. For example, to have a greater influx of people in the store, it is essential that the windows shops are treated and prepared in order to increase the attraction rate.

To do so, use banners and graphics in line with your brand to give it relevance, both in the shop windows and inside them. In addition, it is very important that the content and information are the same, in the physical and online store. A message must be short, but, above all, simple: less is more.

  • Reward loyal clients and retain

Black Friday is an excellent opportunity to attract new loyal customers, but also to recover ancient followers. Creating customized campaigns for customers and offering them an excellent after-sales service can be a very important differential factor. Furthermore, if you are able to offer an innovative shopping experience in your store, then you will have made jackpots.

  • Prepare your store to handle the increase in demand

In the days of crazy discounts, running a store can become chaotic, especially if there is no organization. In fact, the increase in sales may require a reorganization of staff shifts or greater quantities of a given product.

To avoid problems, it is essential to make a sales volume forecast and to make sure that there will not be any logistical problems. Is it possible to manage all orders in a physical store? And the ones from the online store? Does the Click & Collect works?

Planning this type of events can make us avoid, for example, problems such as lack of stocks or anything else in the moment of greatest need.

Also, in these days of increased influx, make sure that everything in the shop works properly (lighting, doors, TV, air conditioning, etc.) and keep a logical order in the display of products. Customers who spend a lot of time looking for something usually leave the store early.

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