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In the retail world, the analysis of performance data has become imperative. This sector represents the last step of the distribution chain and there a lot of data related to it: the products sold, the tickets issued, the total income and a thousand other things.

Analyzing all this information can become an impossible task, but thanks to a software solution created by TC Group technicians, it becomes a simple and fast operation.

TC Analytics is a complete dashboard, Cloud-based and with unlimited scalability, who allows retailers to analyze all the criteria on customer behavior. These indicators are obtained from several hardware modules, which are installed in different point of sales, and then compared with the internal variables of each store (stock, space, prices, special offers, staff and sales).

Smart data can help to understand the connections and trends buried under a mass of useless information and, therefore, help improve interventions to be focused and effective. In other words, a data analysis software is a tool that simplifies its reading, makes them accessible to the end user and gives them a useful meaning.

What is our audience? How will customers react to the products displayed around the store? Which are the most visited areas? How long do they stop to look at the window shops? And how much time do they spend observing impulse products in the cash zone? How often?

To obtain this information, these quantifiable data must be converted. This will be possible by installing, for example, counting sensors, and monitoring the route thanks to Wi-Fi or RFID systems.

In this way, the technologies installed at the point of sale record changes in consumer consumption trends and help making useful decisions in every area of the company. For example:

  • By recording the flow of customers, the turnout and the average time of their stay
  • By monitoring the hot and cold areas, to improve and optimize the customer journey in the shop.
  • By knowing the target in a totally anonymous way, discovering the gender and the age group to segment the campaigns and go to an objective audience based on what the company needs.
  • Using beacon technology, which deepens the marketing strategies and allows localize customers, sending them personalized offers.
  • Calculating the profitability of shop windows, monitors and mannequins, to identify in real time what are the trends that make customers loyal.

With TC Analytics, retailers have in their hands a solution that allows you to collect and analyse real data for 24/7 to access valuable corporate KPIs that improve the customer experience and increase loyalty.

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