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The retail concept of Yves Rocher works


The Atelier Lab is the new retail format of Yves Rocher. In Spain, Yves Rocher already has several points of sale dressed in this new concept. These are stores located at strategic geographical points for the brand or in prime locations. The Yves Rocher Atelier Lab is located in one of the most important shopping streets of Barcelona, ​​Rambla Cataluña, also in shopping centers like Xanadú in Madrid, and in the cities of Gijón, Vigo and Palma de Mallorca.

The Atelier Lab adorn their space in a strategic way and taking into account all the elements, from the materials to the furniture, with the aim of translating the laboratory spirit of beauty and hygiene for women.

Currently, Yves Rocher is in a process of expansion with openings in new cities of Spain where it was not present. And take advantage to present a brand image renewed and embodied in its new concept of retail.

In addition to the Atelier Lab, Yves Rocher has opened new stores in Segovia, Lérida, Granada, among others, and has launched renovation projects in Talavera de la Reina and in Barcelona.

For three years, Yves Rocher relies on the tools of TC Group Solutions to optimize the management of its stores. To date, the tools of Retail Intelligence and BIG DATA are implemented in more than 50 points of sale of the French brnad.

Source: FashionNetwork.com, Elena Campos Valladares

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