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Retailing between the digital and physical world


Changes in our society, more and more volatile and immaterial, also concern, of course, the trade that necessarily must evolve towards a new concept of shops and business culture.

At the moment, retail is in full swing: commerce has always been agile, flexible, mobile and linked to the idea of adapting to the customer, to the day, to the season.

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The interaction must become the priority of each store, the aim must be to better understand the customer’s needs, engage him and involve him through the digital world (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), but also guide them through intelligent mannequins and interactive shelves.

Expert says that traditional shop is not meant to die because “it is more and more fundamental for the creation of storytelling, which creates emotion. But real and virtual world must integrate to overcome the challenge of shopping. To aim that, retailers need to:

1) Consider the company as a sartorial atelier to create personalized experiences

2) Activating the company all around the customer

3) Consider the brand as a person who communicates with the customer by offering suggestions and solutions

4) Make the digital world interact with the physical world, like for examples, e-commerce with boutiques. A fundamental point because, in order to retain customer loyalty, the service becomes the fundamental point of shopping.

Expert also emphasizes how the physical realization of a store makes no sense unless a shopping experience has been conceived before. And there are many brands that have been moving in this direction for some years now.

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