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Shop windows increases the attraction rate


Finding out what is the level of attraction of our shop window through the ticket number is impossible: in fact, using only this kind of metric, how can we know what is the impact that our marketing campaigns have had, for example, on the in-store pedestrian flow? How do we know if our showcase was enough attractive to convince passers-by to come into the store and take a look?

The majority of in-store marketing actions, in fact, concern precisely the shop windows, which, if properly organized, turn into a very powerful tool to increase the number of visitors in the store.

The attraction rate is the only true indicator that every retailer must take into account if he wants to analyze the effectiveness of his store’s windows: the goal is to attract the largest number of potential customers within the store to push them to make a purchase.

The shop window is the first indicator of the effectiveness of marketing campaigns:

its main function is to capture the attention of the people who pass in front of the store to the point of letting them enter

In this sense, there are several things to take into account when it comes to setting up one: among the many, taking care of the lighting and the offer of the products on display is very important. The shop windows must be transformed into the emotional bond between the customer and the brand, and therefore share elements that tell a story, and that are in harmony with each other.

For example, periodically set up new windows for promotions, season changes, sales, etc. will make the store more dynamic and attract the attention of passers-by. Be careful not to overdo it though: filling the window with too many products could cause confusion and send an unclear message.

But, the most important thing is to know the attraction rate of our windows at all times. To do this, it is necessary to install a people counting system in the store, which, through the counting of pedestrian traffic outside and inside the point of sale, allows collecting, store and analyzing the effectiveness of the windows, of promotional campaigns and, consequently, increasing entrance flow into the store.

It is thus possible to know which campaigns have worked best throughout the year, and decisions can be made to repeat or improve them with respect to the statistics obtained.

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