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Shopping experience: how to improve it?


The shopping experience has become a very important concept: all shop owners, offline or online, do their best to offer their customers an unforgettable experience, which is able to differentiate the business from that of the competition. In addition, consumer buying habits are changing faster and faster, and the retail sector is forced to adapt to these sudden changes, and do its best to take advantage of trends.

The arrival of companies like Amazon, with delivery times of less than 24 hours and a great logistic deployment, has made us transformed into impatient and demanding consumers. We are looking for specific products, and we want them straight away: we are not willing to wait or negotiate.

How to offer a good experience to your customers?

To offer a satisfying customer experience, it is important to have a sales point properly organized and adapted to the needs of the consumer. These are some guidelines that can help you provide a satisfying experience:

  • Real-time answer: the consumer does not want to wait, therefore it is necessary to be able to respond as quickly as possible to his needs and provide effective and rapid solutions. If, for example, a potential customer does not find the desired product because it is not visible (or badly exposed), or has to wait too long to pay in the cashier zone, he might decide to leave the store empty-handed.
  • Order and organization: having the shop ordered, with stocks and organized products, is the key to helping make the purchasing decision for potential customers.
  • Multichannel experience: some companies have installed online stores within the same physical store, so as to allow the customer to make the purchase even if, at that time, the color or type of product desired is not present in the store stock.
  • Price strategy: creating promotions and rewarding customer loyalty, usually has a positive impact on the anniversary of the purchase.

How can I recognize if there is a problem with the shopping experience?

Being in line with the points listed above, optimizes the buying experience and thus increases the chances of conversion. Furthermore, it is necessary to know how to identify the problems related to the opening / closing of a point of sale. For this reason, a constant revision is important, as is the integration in the organizational processes of store staff, able to identify possible problems and reduce the time of action.

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