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Shopping? Internet users also likes to buy in physical stores


Online commerce is constantly growing, in Italy as in the rest of the world. The statistics of recent years indicate that physical trade has remained, somehow, behind the online commerce, which seems to have become the favorite.

However, this does not mean that physical retail is going to disappear: due to the many changes, it is necessary to switch optics and look at the problem from another point of view. The solution to adapt to changing situations involves the ability to react and compete with the appropriate tools.

Furthermore, 95% of sales still go into the physical store: consumers still prefer to visit a physical point of sale to buy a product, especially if it is an important purchase. In any case, having an online presence improves the sales of both channels, and fosters multichannel, following the consumer on his journey. In essence, retail changes, but still it’s called retail: the focal point remains the experience.

The mix, the integration between channels is fundamental nowadays, and, if done well, it is able to bring several advantages including:

  • Increase sales

A multichannel store naturally manages to reach a much wider audience than customers. An online store is perfect for digital natives, but the fact remains that many still need to see the merchandise before buying it. 60% of the people who buy in the physical store say they prefer it in order to touch or try the products.

The other reasons concern the possibility of quickly obtaining what you buy, without having to wait for shipping or delivery times, and the direct relationship with the store staff. There is nothing like the direct and personalized staff helps of a physical store: through contact with consumers, it is much easier to understand the needs, or even the complaints of the customers, turning all this info into a solid foundation to build the brand communication. Knowing the consumers’ purchase intention is an important advantage, which can be used to improve the business.

  • Retail entertainment

A physical store is a multipurpose space: it not only serves to sell, but also to host events. Customers really appreciate new experiences, especially if they bring added value, and the ability to interact with the staff.

  • Click and collect

Consumers are now more and more experienced when it comes to shopping online and they know how much the cost of shipping can affect the total amount of their purchase. Although many websites set a minimum spending ceiling to cancel shipping costs, many customers are inclined to pick up their purchases themselves to avoid an additional expense to see their orders arrive at their home.

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