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Why spending money on enhance loyalty?


The reasons for starting up a loyalty strategy in your store are different: you will be able to take care of the customer more effectively, to increase the repetition rate and you will reverse less money in customer uptake, with better results. Whatever the case is, there is a fundamental reason: data collection is the treasure that lies behind almost all business strategies in any sector.

We are in an age where the retail sector is under attack: the changes are so sudden that retailers are unable to keep up with consumer habits. In fact, a lot of the technology created to implement a store’s efficiency is based on collecting data on consumer behavior within the store and on customizing their experience. And, if you can get this data online thanks to Google analytics, in a physical store we have to rely on Retail Intelligence hardware and software.

How to retain your customers?

There are several ways to get your consumers’ data: in a restaurant or bar, for example, you can use Wi-Fi. Another method is to offer your customers the possibility of being part of a community in exchange for discounts, advantages or promotions: an effective method is to implement purchasing channels with a smartphone APP.

The interactions of the public with a brand take place in different ways and on different channels. However, today’s customers expect to be able to buy where and how they prefer, at any times: the needs of multichannel are then raised to the omnichannel approach, which means not only being present on more than one digital platform, but also integrating all channels to offer a perfectly consistent shopping experience.

How to use the collected data?

The more you know your customers, the more efficient your business decisions will be: data can offer retailers the opportunity to predict, for example, how much staff they will need according to the time or day, what stocks are needed in advance, find out which marketing campaigns generate the most sales for your store and much more.

TC Group Solutions has the definitive solution to monitor the performance of your stores and to find new ways to improve results: thanks to TC Analytics, a complete and integrated control dashboard, it is possible to view all the data collected by our hardware, derived from the interaction of customers with commercial establishments: these insights, which are fundamental for an efficient management of the store, represent valuable information to improve results, increase turnover and raise the consumer experience.

TC Analytics collects and analyzes millions of data to quantify, learn, attract and retain customers, identifying the main KPIs to ensure your business grows.

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