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Staff is the biggest asset of a store


One of the reasons for the survival of physical stores is undoubtedly the human aspect: the relationship established between a customer and store staff is unique, and, in many cases, these emotions play a fundamental role in the final purchase decision.

In the buying process, interaction with store staff is the basis for a satisfying experience. Not all brands are the same and interact differently with customers. Most retailers invest in digitizing and transforming their stores into containers of cutting-edge emotions and experiences, sometimes neglecting the most valuable asset of the entire company: employees.

Why train sales staff at the store?

The store staff works hard every day to gain the trust of their customers: the skills developed in the store are very important, since the conversion depends on its performance. Staff training, skills and the use of the tools needed to interact appropriately with customers can quickly multiply a brand’s sales.

A good staff training program can provide a sign with several important advantages:

  • Increase the efficiency

The development of sales skills significantly increases productivity. Can your staff distinguish between a client who asks for help and one who doesn’t want to be disturbed? It is not easy, but necessary for a correct experience.

Furthermore, there are sales teams that work better than others. Know the correct performance indicators to assess staff not for in-store sales, but for their ability to retain, offer a higher conversion rate or a higher average ticket, which is used to better measure commercial efficiency.

  • Improves customer perception

This is very important because a clumsy salesman can lose many customers. Nowadays, a bad shopping experience has immediate repercussions, as consumers can express their disappointment with reviews on the Internet.
Conversely, if the staff creates a welcoming environment, customers will share the experience with their friends and with positive feedback.

  • Know how to solve problems effectively

Sales people face incidences in the stores every day. Lacks of inventory, customer complaints, operational problems, etc… Some of these incidences can be resolved by the sales teams, but it is necessary to be instructed on what to do.
Other problems do not depend on the store sales teams. Effectively communicating problems on the upper floors minimizes the waste of time and helps to solve them as quickly as possible. The speed with which the staff reports and solves a problem that can affect sales is very important to maximize profits.

Providing sellers with the necessary tools is also essential. Some, like TC Check, can improve communication, perform audits in sales points and configure alarms to take the necessary corrective actions at the moment.

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