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The in-store experience motivates online shopping


We often talk about the apocalypse of retail, and how e-commerce is sending the physical sector down. But the truth is it could not be more different: in fact, consumers continue to buy, but with very different intentions.

Sales (in-store and online) continue to grow, but the market is driven by a few “premium” retailers, who, more often than not, monopolize the market to the detriment of small entrepreneurs. In this scenario, the fate of retail is not as black as it seems, but it is going through a phase of necessary changes: only retailers who will be able to catch the ball, will have chances of survival.

The store is a resource also in the era of e-commerce, because it plays an important role within the omnichannel strategy: the “human touch” remains very important for consumers, in fact 90% want to smell, feel, and touch the products before making a purchase decision.

Every retailer is therefore called to face a challenge, that of digital integration: from artificial intelligence to machine learning, they need to guiding the evolution in the physical point of sales and offer an increasingly personalized experience in line with the customer’s wishes.

Consumers are the real responsible for changes in the e-commerce world and, through their purchasing behavior, they are able to influence the entire sector and the way companies act. To be successful, unified trade and retail must put buyers, their needs and their desires first.

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