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Is your store ready for Christmas??


Here comes the most anticipated and magical of the year: after successfully passing Black Friday, it is time for retailers to get their store ready for Christmas.

Here are ten tips to offer your customers a perfect in-store experience:

  • Discounts!

It will seem obvious but it is not: consumers are and will always be attracted to unbeatable prices. The secret is to offer only certain products, trying to differentiate from the strategies of competitors, offering discounts only above a certain threshold or, for example, for the purchase of at least 3 products.

  • Go social!

Promote your store and your offers through advertising (free) on social remains: increase your publication frequency, invent a fun contest, organize a give-away to reward your customers’ loyalty, use Instagram stories to advertise products and promotions.

  • Fidelity Cards

A strategy of the ones that always work is to give away purchaseable coupons immediately after the holidays: it is an excellent opportunity to retain customers and invite them to go back to the store after the holidays to go shopping.

  • Promotions

Distribute a digital flyer, send a message or an email to your customers and invite them to share with your relatives and friends your Christmas promotions. To do this, just include a promotional code to show at the cash desk, for example.

  • Segment your products and guide your customers in the purchase

Sometimes, buying presents turns into stress, a race against time. Have you ever thought of helping your customers in the frantic search? Creating gift packages, customizing offers and combining products for certain categories of people or age groups, could be very useful!

  • Offer a complementary service

Set up a small area in which to offer free to wrap the newly purchased gifts, use a colored Christmas card, give a Christmas card for each product purchased, offer a discount on home delivery of the product, and provide a parking voucher or any other service that your customers can find useful and comfortable. Don’t stop!

  • Live the spirit!

Invert in a Christmas decor, both in the organization of the windows, and in-store. Follow a line, tell a story, create an obligatory path … customers will greatly appreciate the effort in trying to make their experience as original as possible.

  • Attention & Personalization

Pay attention to details and create something that can facilitate the life of your customers in every way possible: wishing to pay cash or debit card? Open your shop to every payment channel possible, make returns operations quick and easy, rewards the most loyal customers to the brand with special offers, keeping an eye on its purchase history.

  • Enhance the shop window game!

In the Christmas campaign, pedestrian traffic in the streets increases naturally. The shop windows and the entrance area of the store are areas that directly influence the level of attraction of the store. Place the most interesting products and with the maximum purchasing opportunity to attract more people to your store.

  • Get your staff trained!

The Christmas campaign is a period of shopping in which many are made for the purpose of giving and without having a clear idea of what you are looking for. Therefore, a sales staff prepared and qualified to properly serve the customer and recommend a product tailored to the needs allows you to increase sales and improve the shopping experience, which in turn is a factor of loyalty.

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