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The succes of the Moleskine Café


The Italian brand dedicated to stylish design stationery soon will celebrate the anniversary of the opening of the first Moleskine Café in Milan. Less than a year ago, Moleskine launched a new retail format in Corso Garibaldi 65, in the Brera Design District, the perfect location for this type of initiative.

In fact, the Moleskine Café is a new retail concept that combines the simple point of sale to a resting spot where it is possible to relax and enjoy a nice cup of coffee and a book. Moleskine has created a new type of welcoming and original atmosphere where the customer has the possibility to sit down, work on new projects, to recover the backlog or simply unplug from the frenetic city and everyday stress.

The space has been designed in collaboration with Interbrand, which specializes in consulting in the design industry. It has recreated the brand values ​​within the Moleskine Café which embodies the fundamental aspects of the company: elegance, functionality and simplicity. This type of retail is an oasis for any type of consumer. There are tables designed for eating, suitable locations to work efficiently at the PC, and others where you can immerse yourself in the comfort of reading.

Obviously at the Moleskine Café you can buy any product of the brand from classic black Moleskine notebook, to the agenda, to stationery products or a signed cup.

Recently Moleskine has improved by 52.2% profits from retail in the direct-to-customer channel. The brand has opened 21 new stores, reaching a share of 79 in total, including the new Moleskine Cafés. In addition, the e-commerce has also experienced significant growth of 38% year after year, improving visibility and orders in general. Moleskine uses the Retail Intelligence technologies created by TC Group Solutions to monitor the behavior of their customers and thus to apply the strategies that improve efficiency and profitability.

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