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The effects of digitalization

The future of retail is almost known, the basic KPIs right now are changing and the whole industry is moving towards the implementation of influence consumers’ choices throughout personalized and engaging experiences. Till here, nothing new or so challenging but the real threat is the speed with which the industry is embracing the new digital and technological innovations. The latest retail solutions such as the face recognition system, the traffic readers located inside or outside the point of sales or the introduction of devices able to detect and recognize new and repeated visitors intercepting the Wi-Fi connection, are all aimed to provide business with a competitive advantage to success in a marketplace crowded with players and products, and the benefit is the possibility of gathering more and precise insights to know the audience better so that creating targeted offers.

The first visible step of the digital transformation that is happening, is the unified commerce which means deploying a multichannel approach therefore, e-commerce together with brick and mortar, apply POS and CRM systems in order to collect coherent data which can give a complete and clear view about the performance of the business.

Then, it is possible to see how retailers are adapting their strategies to the habits of the new generation, the Millennials which are used to be always connected and perceive the smart portable devices as a natural presence in their life. Therefore, stores are developing according digital campaign using smartphones as channel to convey their messages in order to be more near to the consumers and improve engagement. In addition, mobiles are becoming more and more powerful within the industry because nowadays they allow clients to easily and rapidly purchase online from their own devices.

Since the advent of Internet, the main tool for a brand to be known is the website, which today is starting to be replaced by branded profiles on social platforms, so it is important that the company is provided with a flexible and secure hosting which has a good bandwidth support and valid operative model. For what concerns social platforms, it is relevant also take into consideration that business nowadays is equal to relationship. In fact, brand has to be able to tell an interesting, personal and emotional story to the public in order to get their attention.

Last, a recent issue which has appeared with the advent of digitalization is the problem of security. In fact, consumers are always afraid of giving personal data because they dread the possibility of information violation. Therefore, companies have to be always 100% clear about their procedures and guarantee protection in order to gain clients’ loyalty.

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