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Time customer spend in-store


If we want to optimize our customers’ purchasing experience and, of course, our results, we need to know exactly what is going on in our stores, and how customers behave inside them.

Knowing customer’s average stay time in a store is a very important indicator, and if you use it combined with other KPI (Key Performance Indicator), such as the average amount of the ticket, you can get other valuable indicators.

TC Group Solutions explains why it is so important to know the average time spent by clients inside the stores.

  • Why should I know the average stay time of customers in- store?

All retailers who ask themselves this question must know that it is essential to have relevant data on customer behavior, to complete any kind of optimization at the point of sale.

Measuring this indicator can help us improve the customer journey in- store, identify anomalies in product distribution or lack of staff problems. In every store, in fact, it is frequent to change the arrangement of products: but according to what criterion? Are we sure that the exchange will have a positive effect on sales? Why?

A decrease in the average visit time could be a warning that the change of products in the layout has led customers to speed up their visit.

  • Better average time, better results?

It depends: this data can change the results according to the kind of store.

If we start from a very low average time, the most normal thing is that will increases in percentage to sales (there will be more customers who stop near the cash desk, before going out). However, a very long average time can also be a negative signal.

For example, let’s think about a store where the optimal time of stay is 10 minutes and suddenly we observe an increase. There may not be enough staff in the store, and it is likely that customers are making excessive queues before they can reach the desks cash. In this case, a longer average time is also a negative index.

It happen the same when the products are moved from their usual site. Suppose that a much requested product, and until now very visible, has been changed of site and, suddenly, the average time increases. Is it possible that the customer is losing more time looking for it? (Bad signal!)

If you do not yet have this data, you need to update your KPIs to learn more about the performance of your store and detect problems that generate income decreases.

TC Group Solutions offers tools to optimize the performance of your store, such as our TC Analytics software to measure the KPIs required by your store.

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