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Towards an omnichannel retail

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The world of retail, like any other sector, is undergoing many important changes in recent years. Big Data’ analysis helped retailers overcome the most difficult moment, turn threats into opportunities and consider online commerce as an ally for the success of their business.

How many people pass in front of a shop window? How many people enters the store, and in what direction do they move? How many of them end up buying something?

TC Group Solutions, a company specialized in developing solutions to collect, organize and analyze the Big Data that interact with a retail organization, a commercial activity on the street.
Shop owners spend all their time trying to make their business more competitive by improving it online or offline. Analyzing data collected from a store can help predict recurring habits in consumer behavior, and help retailers understand how to act accordingly.

The data analysis supposes an added value because it is able to open a new range of possibilities: a correct organization of the information collected in a store guarantees an analytical vision of the real situation, and helps to take corrective and effective decisions.
For example, knowing the number of entrances in the store is fundamental, as well as knowing how many of them pass in front of the shop window and are attracted to it, to improve the quality of promotional campaigns and exterior design, and consequently increase the attraction rate.

• Towards an omnichannel retail

The trade of the future goes towards the total integration of the channels, which offer a transparent experience to consumers. Fighting online commerce is counterproductive: all the owners of physical stores, such as those of online stores, are perfectly aware that the customer is looking for fluidity throughout his purchase path, and an experience integrated in all channels (physical, online and mobile).

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