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Traditional retail is changing: 2 hours delivery and stores becoming “pick-up points”

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In the future, we will buy online and receive our goods in a few hours. We will be able to compare dozens of products of the same type or one product among zillions of suppliers or retailers, in order to find the best relationship between quality and price, according to their availability and our needs. Tech shopping is radically changing consumers’ buying habits, and “traditional” retailers must take risks to prevent from being cut off from games.

Some studies show how retailers are reacting to modern consumers’ changes: “Right now, 78% of logistics companies expect to be able to reach same-day delivery by 2023, and 40% think that in 2028 they will be able to deliver within only two hours”.

Until today, very few of them affirm to operate at an “omnichannel” level, and, for the majority, achieving an omnichannel delivery is the main challenge. In order to remain attached to the e-commerce train, many retailers (86% of them) are planning to introduce “buy online-collect in-store” solutions in their shops by next year.

The research also shows that Europe and Middle East’s retailers are managing online orders directly at their physical stores. Retailers and business managers are realizing that a network of shops is able to process digital orders much faster than a small number of centralized warehouses.

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