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Trends in retail: what is your favorite?

tim-gouw-127143The new Massimo Dutti Store in Milan

Massimo Dutti, one of the most important clothing production companies of the Inditex Group, has recently opened a new store in Milan, inside Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. This shop is divided into four floors: two dedicated to men’s fashion and two to women’s fashion. But, the main attraction is the adaptation to the technological evolution of the last years.

The store was created, in fact, with the aim of transforming the experience of purchasing into an innovative and digital experience understanding the needs of customers. There are three kinds of retail sector changing tools that we like:

  • Digital Changing Room: clothes are scanned and appear automatically on a screen placed inside the dressing room. Through the touch screens, the customer can consult information on selected items or request a change of size. The screens also have a Visual Search Technology system that offers complementary and substitutive items to those chosen.
  • Purchase and payment: The customer can make the purchase securely through the new app on the mobile phone of the store, which includes the form of Wallet payment. With the QR code generated, the customer can proceed with payment and save the receipts on the device.
  • Eco-efficient design: Compared to a conventional store, the lighting system of the new Dutti store reduces electricity consumption by around 30% thanks to the use of LEDs and planned ignitions. Also the consumption factor of water has been reduced with the creation of special interior spaces, aimed at promoting the recycling of materials.

Sir, do you want to pay with Bitcoins?

It’s called Dragoncard, the new Visa debit card with which you can make the purchase made at the supermarket in Bitcoin. Thus, Britain has decided to facilitate the conversion of cryptocurrencies into pounds to allow fearless investors to conveniently purchase essential commodities with their digital revenues.

The London Block Exchange (LBX) start-up connects Dragoncard to an app that can instantly convert crypts to sterling. When a customer makes a purchase, the retailer will be paid in pounds sterling and the amount spent will be deducted from the user’s electronic wallet at the same time, converting the cryptocurrency to the current price with the application of a commission of 0.5 percent.

Online shopping: Click & Collect

Conveniently shopping online and collect the purchased goods personally, avoiding additional delivery costs, delays and forced domestic waiting. Click-and-collect will soon become the dominant online channel. Today, around 25% of all grocers offer this service and the number is about to grow.

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