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Retail: two is better than one


Retail world is undergoing great changes. The technological advances of the last decade have generated many changes in the way of buying, paying and even receiving or collecting what we have bought. Even the way customers see the stores has changed. The irruption of electronic commerce has generated a “crisis” of the retail sector, since the traditional physical store is not the only point of sale where to buy what we are looking for.

In recent years, statistics indicate that physical retail has been resented, especially e-commerce. But is physical retail really ending? Physical store is not destined to disappear, but the solution to survive involves the ability to react and compete with the appropriate devices.

Offline vs. Online retail

E-commerce has revolutionized the way to buy. Buying from home through a computer or from your mobile phone at any time and in any place has generated facilities when buying, as well as an approach of the stores to their customers.

It is no longer necessary to go to a shopping centre to buy a mobile, you just have to go to your laptop and buy it. Plus, e-commerce has eliminated barriers and increased the offer: clients no longer have to choose between mobile phones that are in the store, since they can order online their favourite model and colour.

But physical commerce offers certain advantages that electronic commerce cannot supply. Physical shopping allows you to obtain direct information through a personalized service.

In addition, going to the store allows the potential customer to see the product, test it, even compare it with others and verify its characteristics, so retail must adapt to offer a unique and different experience.

There is only one way out: physical and electronic commerce must be complementary.

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