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UNOde50 is now an international brand


Madrid’s based Spanish brand UNOde50, it’s already an international trademark. Nowadays, the brand it’s reaching the top of its expansion process and so, there are planned different openings all around the world (Europe, America, Africa and Asia). Furthermore, before the end of the year, the brand will land in Oceania too, the last continent to conquer.

In Europe, UNOde50 is more firmly focusing on the expansion on French territory, thanks to the agreement with Lafayette Galleries. In Europe, the company will open a new store in Budapest too

Undoubtedly, the Italian market is very important for the Spanish jewels brand. In fact, the most significant opening of the year has been the brand new flagship store in Turin, Italy. In fact, on May 31st, the Spanish brand opened up in Via Lagrange 16, and represent the fourth flagship store in the territory, not to mention the 680 multi-brand stores. In addition, a new flagship store in Genova will open during this 2017.

This particular store is sending the customers a brand new image, which has been presented for the first time in the New York flagship store. A team of architects has been working for the layout to be closer as possible with the fresh image UNOde50 wants to reach. The brand chooses a straighter and cleaner image, with graphic logo sign’s special collections, limited editions jewels and the new male collection.

In America, the growth is shown by the opening of different stores, thanks to the Mexican “Palacio de Hierro” mall’s company. UNOde50 is willing to open at least 15 brand new stores inside these shopping centres. In the US, which is also a very strategic market for the brand, UNOde50 opens a flagship store in San Francisco, renewed the Los Angeles’s store and will open another mono-brand store in Soho, New York, next September.

UNOde50 has also opens new stores in South Africa and Japan, and will land for the first time in Oceania by opening a store in Australia. In the Middle East, UNOde50 is investing in multi-brand stores.

During the internationalization process, UNOde50 can rely on world’s partners as TC Group Solutions. Arévalo, UNOde50‘s CIO, states that working with only one provider ensure a great relationship based on mutual trust: “Having just one provider is fundamental for the brand, because TC Group Solutions is always there to solve our doubts and problems in a little time. We are not a technology company, so quick answers and clearness are basic for the good of the brand.”

The chief of the company, which is also the brand’s creative director, recently celebrated 20 years of stores activity. Right now, the company can count with more than 120 flagship store and more than 2500 stores all around the world.

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  1. Giacinta Merlino


    Whilst holidaying in Barcelona in August 2017, I purchased 2 of your pieces. I absolutely love them and they are so unique.

    Can you please tell me when you will be opening a store in Australia and in which city?

    Thank you.

    Giacinta Merlino

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