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Unstoppable Scalpers


The Sevillian clothing brand Scalpers opens its second store in the Netherlands, a new boutique in Lisbon and another one in Melilla. It seems impossible to stop!


The new store opened in Amsterdam in the Stadshart Amstelveen shopping center, located in the southern residential area of Amstelveen. This second store is added to the one in Leidsestraat, one of the most fashionable streets of the European capital.


In addition, the company continues to expand into the Iberian territory (where it already owns more than 130 stores), and has opened its first store in Melilla.


To continue with this line of international expansion, the brand inaugurated last week a new store in Lisbon, in the Colombo shopping center, in an area of 85 square meters. Colombo is the commercial center with the highest pedestrian traffic in the whole country, and this is the third point of sale of Scalpers in Portugal.

The company

The company was established in Seville in 2007 and now employs more than 500 people. The country with the largest number stores of the brand, with the exception of Spain, is Mexico, with four stores. Scalpers also operates in other Latin American markets, such as Chile, and in the Middle East, where it has stores in Jordan, Doha and Dubai. In Europe, it is present in cities such as London, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Lisbon and Paris.

Scalpers is one of TC Group Solutions‘ customers and uses Retail Intelligence solutions to optimize the sales of its store.

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