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Unstoppable Uno de 50


Uno de 50 accelerates after a year of transition: the Spanish jewellery company, which last year incorporated Javier Gala as new CEO, faces an expansion plan with twenty new stores, the launch of its branch in Mexico and landing in new channels as a marketplace or duty free.

The company, based in Alcobendas (Madrid), currently employs more than 630 people and, under the leadership of Javier Gala and Jose Azulay, is undergoing a huge reorganization process.

The main objective is international expansion: Uno de 50 will continue to develop in China and Russia with about ten openings to increase the profit and profitability of the company. During 2019, Uno de 50 will continue with about twenty openings between its own stores, multi-brand stores and franchised outlets. In the medium term, the goal is to reach 150 point of sales in 2022.

Currently, the company operates with 92 stores, 14 franchises and 3,000 multi-brand stores in more than forty countries. The group also has ten international branches to manage its direct expansion abroad. A dozen other stores were opened this year in Mexico, with which Uno de 50.

His plans in Latin America also pass through Chile, where he will add a new store in the department stores Falabella, and Porto Rico, where he will open his second store this year.

As for franchising, Uno de 50 follows another strategy. “We have already signed the first opening in Iceland and another in the United Arab Emirates and we are negotiating in new countries,” says Gala.

However, there are two markets that will remain at the centre of its strategy: Russia and China, where the company plans to launch another ten stores. In any case, for sales, the first country abroad continues to be in the United States, where it has its own branch and more than twenty stores, and in Spain.

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