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What’s next? Voice assistant revolution

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A new research conducted by Capgemini’s Digital Transformation Institute puts voice assistants under the spotlight: how can they transform branding and retail in order to connect with its customers?

Will 2018 be the year of artificial intelligence?

According to many observers, it is very probable, given the level of interest that AI is arousing worldwide. At the last World Economic Forum in Davos, Jack Ma (CEO of Alibaba Group), was very assertive when he said that “Computers will always be smarter than men: don’t dream to run faster than a car or fly like an airplane. Computers do not forget anything: they remember everything and never get angry. And again: “Artificial intelligence offers humanity an extraordinary opportunity but also some risks.”

The same concept was evoked by Gerd Leonhard, a few weeks ago: “In three years from now, smartbots and intelligent assistants will be the new normality. Today we are in the moment of taking off the curve in which technology can do many things. This is why thinking linearly is dangerous: the future is no longer the extension of the present: 70% of new jobs do not exist yet, and 50% of today’s jobs will no longer exist “.

But it will be necessary to develop soft skills to compete with artificial intelligence, take a step beyond the service society. Services must be transformed into experiences. Leonhard explains: “Creating experience is essential in retail, because we do not forget that everything that can be digitized will be. And what cannot be will become valuable, like emotions, creativity, and imagination. The commitment of the organizations will be aimed at removing the friction to the processes, doing new things, without being obsessed with efficiency at all costs.

This is what technology is made for: because computers are good at giving answers, the man asks questions».

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