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Understanding digital consumers


Know your target. Here is the mantra for every online strategic activity and for every digital marketing project. A social add, an AdWords add, as well as a video or text content would not make sense if we companies did not think about the final customers. The starting point is always the analysis of the new digital consumer, a fundamental step whether you are working online or offline.

  • A personalized customer experience

Users today are increasingly looking for a customer experience tailored to their needs. Tastes and needs should not only be supported, but even anticipated. For this reason, marketing automation, chatbot and artificial intelligence become the best ally of brands and retailers.

If it is true that in some contexts human contact still counts a lot, in other cases we look more at substance: 40% of consumers, for example, think it is the same if brand’s customer services are managed by a real person or a chatbot. The important thing is to get the answers you are looking for and find useful information.

  • Retain customers attention in a few second

By now it is well known that the ability to keep people’s active attention is decreasing more and more, also due to the constant interference caused by the new technologies that surround us throughout the day.

The concentration capacity of a man is now lower than the one of a goldfish: this explains the increased use of 6-second video ads and the high rebound rates of slow websites. We are not willing to wait a second longer if the page does not load in the time we would expect and this means the loss of 7% of conversions for eCommerce too slow.

  • Contents, creativity and social media

The digital consumer spends an average of 2 hours a day on social media and uses about 7 channels to publish, comment and interact. Considering that today 42% of the world population is active on social networks, this means enormous potential for companies that want to sell online and therefore need to know how to exploit them with targeted marketing activities. Keeping in mind that among the most popular social media there are Facebook (2.17 billion users), YouTube (1.5 billion users) and equal merit WhatsApp and Messenger (1.3 billion). Companies can no longer include these channels in his digital plans, with ad hoc strategies.

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